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A bluesman who's crazy about Kate

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Nov 12, 1995 (Scorpio)
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Hi, I'm a big fan of music and just recently started listening to Kate. Music is basically all I live for. I'm interested in anything that makes me feel, like of course music, films, books and video game lore. I have listened to a lot of music from Delta blues, gypsie jazz, 1950's rock n roll, 60's psychedelic music. I thought that was as good as it gets but Kate's music proved me wrong. How could someone I only listened for a few months become my favorite artist. No other singer moves me the way Kate does, her voice is way too unique not even BB king,Robert Plant or Ray Charles can move me that way, No other poet could write something not about them and make you feel their soul and Kate is the only dancer I'm interested in. My favorite song by Kate changes all the time so I'm not gonna bother with it. My Top 5 Kate Albums 1. The Kick Inside 2. Never For Ever 3. Lionheart 4. The Dreaming 5. Hounds of love
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Christian (but not a fanatic)
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Jimi Hendrix, Kate Bush, John Frusciante, BB king, Syd Barrett, Django Reinhardt, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, RHCP, Muddy Waters, Son House, Robert Johnson, John Mayer Trio, The White Stripes and Jars of Clay
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The gun seller, Death trap and Asking for the moon
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When the power of love overcomes the love for power, the world will know peace

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